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Aaron Bennett

I have been in the construction industry for over 10 yrs now. Through my experiences and knowledge gained through my involvement in the construction and remodeling of hundreds of homes in the NW Indiana region, I have developed my philosophies and beliefs about how a quality roof should function. How a roof "looks" is only the tip of the iceberg in all of the factors of a quality roofing system. I have replaced too many roofs that never made it to 15 yrs of age. Improper ventilation is by far the largest culprit. When my professionals inspect your roof, they will ensure that your attic ventilation exceeds industry standards. Since I believe much is misunderstood about roofing materials, applications, and how to properly ventilate an attic, I have provided links from our website to trusted sources of information on these crucial topics for you to educate yourself about what you are investing your hard earned money in. Speaking of investing, through the relationship I have built with Owens Corning © as a Preferred Contractor, we are able to offer you their 50yr Full Replacement Cost Warranty (That's shingles, labor, and disposal of the old shingles). That means that if you invest your roof with Bennett Roofing, you don't have to worry about paying a dime to replace your roof for 50yrs. Ask one of our sales associates about the details. Thank You for your interest in Bennett Roofing. I look forward to helping you understand and trust the "Roof Over Your Head."